Monday, 24 February 2014

rural m/m

I am currently working on a rural m/m that has been very slow going. But the words are getting down and i want to share some! Enjoy...

“So, do your parents know you’re gay?” The question shot out of Jay’s mouth before he really considered any repercussions.
However, after Mitchell stood up so quickly it looked like someone had yanked on his marionette strings, Jay realized it was a rather loaded question.
“You’re kidding me?” Mitchell mouth was pulled into a thin line and was pulled down on one side.
Jay laughed, the sound sounding strained even to him.
“Loosen up Mitchell, I was just asking.”
The starch in Mitchell’s shoulders seemed to relax a little but his face was still hard.
“Why even bring it up?”
Jay shrugged this time, a smile drawing his lips up against his will.
“Why do you think we hide it?”
He had his own reasons of course, but Mitchell’s would be pretty much the same.
Mitchell crossed his arms and leant one shoulder against the wall, smirking a little as he did.
“Probably because I’d get the shit kicked out of me by everyone who’s ever known me. What’s your excuse?” Mitchell kicked up his chin as he asked the question, causing a surprised laugh to burst out of Jay.
Why did this guy keep surprising him?
“You’re joking. The men that work with you are your mates aren’t they?”
Mitchell nodded, not a hint of humor in his eyes.
“Course they are. But there’s one rule out here, and that is. No faggots.”
Jay literally felt his jaw drop open and hang there like one of those stupid cartoons he used to watch when he was a kid.
“Fuck me…”
Mitchell laughed this time.
“Yeah…later. Tell me your excuse first.”
Jay grinned at his lover, a weird warmth spreading through him as he watched Mitchell move over to sit on a hay bale and smile at him.
He cleared his throat and straddled the nearest hay stack himself, casually rocking on it to cause some of the blood in his body to flow in the right direction.
“My excuse… my excuse…” He hummed as he rocked, his cock thickening in his jeans. Surely he could distract Mitchell with more sex?
Mitchell crossed his sun tanned arms across his chest again and glared at him.

Shit, no such luck.

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