Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New Release

The Professor's pet came out a few weeks ago and I have been slack in updating my blog.
So here is the link if you're in the mood for a novella length, male Dom story.
It was great fun to write and it stands as my only male Dom M/F story. For some reason I find female Domme stories so much easier to write... that may say something about me, but hey. This was fun too!
I hope you enjoy it, it already has some great reviews... and the cover is Hot too!
Simone has recently graduated from university with her degree and a huge crush on her professor, Patrick Smythe. Dragging up the courage to ask him out at the graduation ball, she is mortified when he rejects her. Six months later, when her friend drags her along to a BDSM club, Simone suddenly realises why the sexy professor gave her the brush off. He’s a Dom at the club. Patrick has never found a woman who can fulfill all of his needs in and out of the bedroom. Simone wants to be this woman, but can she succeed when they come from such different worlds?

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