Thursday, 30 January 2014

Valentine's Day Blog Hop

14th of February marks a special day... St Valentine's Day! So welcome to the blog hop!

As an erotic romance author you would think I would love this holiday... and you would be right!
I am a 'dyed in the wool' romantic at heart.
My biggest problem with my writing is often my lack of 'conflict'- which for those non-writers reading this, that's the parts of the story that has you wondering if they really are going to make it.
I just want the two people to meet, fall in love and live happily ever after.
That isn't what readers want often, but it definitely says something about me.
My love for Valentines Day comes from the same place that loves Christmas and Birthdays.
I believe we should always celebrate the love we have for our family and friends... and of course our special other half.
And if you happen to get chocolate and other gorgeous presents then so be it!

One thing I especially love writing about is first love.
That was the main theme of my m/m erotic romance Heart's Truth which was a best seller on Amazon and ARe last year.
At the time I had published over ten stories and couldn't work out why this story out of everything I had written was doing so well.
Looking back I think it was the intensity and innocence of the younger hero that made most people fall in love with the story.

The only other story I've written that had a similar theme running through it is my newest release 'The Professor's Pet.' I began writing it for an anthology on innocence and older men and it turned into a 27K novella instead. Simone is a complete sexual innocent but has a massive crush on her older university professor. I loved writing their story because of how strong, independent and beautiful she is... and the 'first time love' part just makes it so much sweeter.

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  1. There is something wonderful about that intensity, as you say. I love to read about two people who love so deeply a certain kind of rationality falls away.
    I haven't read Hearts Truth yet, but I will be grabbing a copy this weekend.