Sunday, 5 January 2014

I'm back

Hello everyone.
Well, its been a very unproductive month as far as my writing is concerned, but I am getting back into it slowly!
I have several releases coming out in the next few months, but I am writing again too, so felt like sharing some too.
Here's a snippet from the rural M/M I am writing:

Shit! He didn’t know what to do or think. And the most frustrating thing of all if he was honest about it, was that Mitchell had been too much of a pussy to do anything about it at the time. But what could he have said or done to undo what had been said?
And for Jay to suggest that he was fucking Jessie after they’d been together in the shower this afternoon had been the last straw. Seriously? He couldn’t get hard for a girl if his life depended on it.
Mitchell’s boots made loud thumping noises as he stomped into his room, ripped off Jay's soft cotton t-shirt and threw it over his shoulder at the man he heard hard on his heels.
The door banged shut and Mitchell whirled to face his tormentor.
“Take your clothes and get the fuck out.”

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