Monday, 14 October 2013

new m/m I'm writing!

Well.... can i just say that i am officially doing a sub genre of M/M I NEVER thought I'd go into!
My published has 'requested' it and I got inspired.
I couldn't believe it when a story line came to me and now I've written 12K in a week and I;ve been sick!
Loving it.
Here's a little snippet.(unedited!)

Mitchell huffed a little in response, unable to laugh when he was enduring both the pain of the injury and the closeness of this hot male.
He may as well be honest. If the guy was a homophobe then at least he’d leave Mitchell alone and he could breathe once again.
“I’m not really into chicks, if you get my drift.”
The hot guy’s head shot up and Mitchell got his first real look into those amazing green eyes, which were a little familiar. They were almost yellow at the centre giving him the look of a wild cat.
“Me neither...” He replied, rubbing his thumb gently over
the fleshy part of Mitchell’s hand that wasn’t cut and causing fissions of awareness to sparkle and slide across his skin.
“I’m Jayden by the way... Jay.” The hot guy introduced himself and Mitchell swallowed hard, withdrawing his hand that was now tingling as well as throbbing.
“I’m Mitchell, but everyone calls me Blue.”
Jay’s eyes roamed up to Mitchell’s long red hair and he ran his left hand self consciously through it, hoping to tame some of the wildness he knew would be there.
“I can’t imagine why...” Jay drawled, a half smile curling up his lips.
Mitchell couldn’t stay in this small, confined space with this guy much longer, fear was causing the hairs on his arms to prickle up.
“Thanks for your help Jayden, but I’ve gotta clean up and change for dinner.”
Jay took a large step back and air whistled into Mitchell’s lungs, the relief sweetly painful.
“No stress.” Jay mock saluted, turned on his polished black heel and walked away.
Mitchell sagged against the sink and turned around to scoop up the small papers littering the bench.
Oh my God!
With shaking hands he tossed the pieces of paper and plastic in the small bin and walked out of the bathroom and back to the door where his shoes were.
There was no sign of Jayden or Jay anywhere. Where was he? And more importantly, who was he?
Mitchell opened the door once again with his awkward left hand and pulled on his boots. He couldn’t have simply imagined a gorgeous brunette come to nurse him... Could he?

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