Saturday, 26 October 2013

cover reveal!

I have a new story coming out on Monday and here is the awesome new cover!
I got to work closely with the lovely and talented Khloe Wren in making the cover so I'm pretty happy with it!!!

would you like a short excerpt?

Zach shut the door and turned to face him, leaning his huge frame up against the door. Dylan pulled on his T-shirt and stood up, wincing at the pain in his side. But amazingly, his headache was gone. It was probably due to the lack of blood going to his brain.
“Does he know?”
Zach grinned. “Know? That I’m gay? Of course.”
Dylan rolled his eyes. “No, that we’re in here...” He trailed off, hoping he wouldn’t have to spell it out.
Zach grinned again and Dylan’s hard on returned with a vengeance.
“Fuck! Would you stop smiling?”
Zach laughed heartily and Dylan glared at him, pointing at his groin.
“You’re too fucking sexy and I have to walk out there at some stage today!”
That set Zach off even more and Dylan pushed him to the side, opening the door and only stopping when he felt Zach’s hand slide into his.
“Have you got another T-shirt or a polo?”
Dylan looked at the man that was holding his hand. “Yeah why?”
Zach’s eyes dropped and so did the penny. Dylan groaned. “You can see it?”
Zach nodded, biting his lips so he wasn’t out right smiling, but it was there. Flirting with the edges of his generous mouth and Dylan’s anger flooded back in. How dare he!
Dylan pulled his hand away and stomped off, leaving the vampire doctor waiting by the first aid room. Fucking toppy bastard!

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