Sunday, 29 September 2013

Vampire menage coming soon!

My first attempt at both menage and a vampire story is coming out in the next week or so.
It crosses so many sub genre's its a bit silly really.
It's vampire- my first go at a paranormal
It's menage- specifically MMF, which it didn't start out as. It was just going to be M/F, but a friend of mine gave me a push to try out a sex scene with the two men and Antony just kind of hung around.
It is historical- specifically Regency period London. ie. 1812
and to top it all off, its also female Domme. Not full on BDSM lifestyle of course, as its set in a period
of time where that didn't exist, but its still in there!
Anyway...the story is called 'First Bite, First Glance' and it will be featured in the Edible Delights Volume 3 anthology.
Here is a short excerpt to give you a taste of what is to come.

Stepping back into his breeches, he pulled them back up over his lower body and buttoned himself up. He didn’t offer to pay her, she had taken as much as she’d given.
She turned to him, her blue eyes shining and watching him sharply.
“Thank you, Benedict. You may leave whenever you like.”
He stilled. Was she dismissing him? Disappointment hit him hard, followed by a heavy dose of anger. He did not like being used.
“Took enough did you?” He bit the words out as his fury mounted.
Her eyes narrowed at his tone, and he couldn’t prevent the growl that escaped from his throat. Her eyes widened again before she moved to sweep her hair up into a style, ignoring his question.
He didn’t like being ignored.
“Don’t you want more blood?”
Lina stopped thrusting pins through her hair and turned, staring at him with shock in her eyes.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”
He smiled, lifting his hand and wiping his shoulder, but no blood remained. Amazingly, he had healed already.
“You drank my blood when I came. How often do you require it?”
He could see her internal struggle in the stiffness of her posture and the haunted look in her eyes.
“I didn’t drink your blood, Benedict. Do not be absurd.”
He laughed, but the sound held little humor as he pulled on his shirt. He felt giddy, on a post orgasm high. A part of his brain knew he should be afraid of her, but he wasn’t. He was too furious with her for treating him like a fool.
“Lina, you did. I saw my blood on your mouth, and now you look healthier. I even had some strange vision of an old man with long white hair while you were feeding.”
She moved so quickly he didn’t even see her shift, as she stood just in front of him. Her eyes were wide open and she moved around him slowly now, stalking him. She looked shocked, wary and interested.
“What did you just say?”
He swallowed, his bravado failing him for a moment. She was fast and if gossip was to be believed, strong too.
“I saw an old man.”
Lina shivered and leaned forward exposing her fangs. Benedict couldn’t help himself from wanting to see it happen this time. He leaned into her and tilted his head away, exposing the source she craved. Pain coursed through him, then the vision of her with the old man pierced his brain, the old man enfolding Lina in his arms this time.
He gasped and pulled away, his head spinning.

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