Saturday, 14 September 2013

Blond Truth teaser

4 more days until Blond Truth comes out!
One more excerpt??? 

The waiter appeared with their wine and poured them each a glass, leaving the bottle on the table.
“I understood your point Tommy, but I’d never do anything to hurt Danny. He’s a good kid.”
Tommy grinned like a Cheshire cat. “A good kid? Just how old are you? Marcus wouldn’t like that at all.”
Ben took a sip of his wine and let the smooth drink calm him a little. When was the last real date he’d had? Last year? No... Yes it probably was. No wonder he was so nervous.
“I’ll be forty next year, so yeah, to me Danny’s a kid.”
Tommy nodded and took a gulp of his own wine, then coughed a little. “Wow, that’s nice.”
Tommy picked up the bottle and had a look at the label. “I don’t really drink a lot of wine, but this is good.”
Ben leaned back in his chair and watched Tommy. His hands were graceful, his face expressive. He would be a joy to watch on a daily basis.
“Yeah, I do enjoy a nice red wine.”
Tommy leant forward, his enthusiasm clear.

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