Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Blond Truth Excerpt

Only a few more days for Blond Truth to be released!

Another little teaser?

“Ok. Eight o’clock?”
Ben chuckled and pressed those luscious lips to Tommy’s again, licking him and withdrawing while Tommy’s head spun.
“Seven. I told you I’m too old for late nights.”
Tommy looked properly at Ben and for the first time saw the slight crows feet at the corners of his eyes, the few grey hairs at his temples.
“You’re still young Ben.”
Ben shook his head and slowly stepped away, pulling his keys from his pocket.
“I’m too old to fuck around, Tommy, that’s not what I want any more.”
He looked at Tommy as though he expected a response and Tommy pushed himself up and off the expensive car. Did he want more too? Well, he certainly wanted something to change, because his life held nothing of meaning any more.
“I don’t know what I want Ben... but...” His voice faltered and he shrugged.
Ben pressed a button and stepped forward to open his car door.
“I know baby, but don’t fuck around with me. I’d rather not go there if you just want a root.”
Tommy blinked and reeled back. “No, it’s not that. I just...”
He stopped, what was the problem? Ben was being honest with him, he may as well return the favour. “I haven’t had a... relationship before.”

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