Monday, 9 September 2013

Blond Truth excerpt

Another short tease of my m/m due out this month?

Danny just rolled his eyes. “Ignore Tommy. He’s never liked me. He’s nothing but a jealous arsehole.”
Perversely, part of Ben rose to defend Tommy.
“No, I don’t think so. He’s just a brat who relies on his looks too much. He needs someone who won’t put up with his shit to take him in hand.”
Danny cocked his head in an assessing way and Ben’s cheeks filled with blood for the first time in twenty years?
The waitress arrived with their drinks and lay the glasses down in front of them. Ben pulled out some money and silenced Danny with a stern look.
“My shout.”
Danny twirled the glass in his hand.
“Thanks man. How come you don’t have a partner, Ben?”
Relieved that Danny had gone down a slightly different path, Ben shrugged. “Too busy before and now I just haven’t found anyone I click with.”
Danny nodded with understanding and held up his glass of whiskey, “To good friends?”
Ben chuckled and their glasses clinked, sloshing golden liquor around the rim.

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