Sunday, 1 September 2013

Author Interview with SJ Maylee

A Heroine and her Author, the interview

As I prepared for the release of TAKING CHANCES, Lydia started talking to me again. I think she’s finally forgiven me for what I put her through. I did give her story one heck of an ending after all. Let’s hope she has forgiven me, because I agreed to let her interview me.

Hi everyone, I’m Lydia, the heroine of TAKING CHANCES. I’ll right, SJ, first question. The story starts a little over a year after I meet Jake. Why did you make me wait?

Oh no, maybe she hasn’t forgiven me. This could get interesting. To be honest, Lydia, you weren’t ready for him yet. I wanted to give you a fighting chance and I stand by my decision.

Okay, that’s fair, just as long as you weren’t planning on pairing him up with someone else. You weren’t were you?

Nope, you were always the heroine I had in mind for Jake. I don’t think anyone else would have been his match.

Great Answer. Okay, next question. Did you have to tempt us while we were at work? That was kind of a risky bet, don’t you think?

It was. As you remember, I put Jake in your path before you entered the building on your very first day of working together. You weren’t ready then and I also learned you’d need much more concentrated doses of each other to push you both forward. You weren’t the only one TAKING CHANCES. I think I’ve since made it up to you though. Don’t you think?

Yes, you did try that first. Thanks for not giving up on us.

You’re welcome, Lydia. I’ll always be here for you.

I’d ask you some more questions, but I’m late for my date. See you later, SJ. Don’t forget to write my brother’s story.

Have a great time, Lydia, and don’t worry. I won’t forget about Sean, he won’t let me. :)

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