Tuesday, 20 August 2013

loving a fae part two

My MMM menage 'Loving a Fae' is coming out in September now.
And I started the sequel tonight.
wanna see the first few lines???

Kyell smoothed down the weird clothing he had obtained from the stored and shifted his weight from foot to foot. These so called ‘jeans’ were stiff and fitted him too tightly. He wasn’t sure he liked them at all.
He glanced down at the piece of paper he had written Neisk’s address on and looked up again at the house in front of him. Yes, this was it. 25 Honeytree lane. He house was small, the gardens manicured and well kept. Could this be it?
A loud, raucous male laugh sounded and Kyell decided that this may just be the house. Taking a huge, shuddering breath, he shoved the paper into his back pocket and walked up the path that led into Neisk’s house.
No, not just Neisk’s house. The house his Faery friend shares with his two male lovers.

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