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great review of Heart's Truth

Brilliant new review by Top2Bottom of Heart's Truth


Marcus is a 30-year-old successful architect. He wants someone to love and knows the right man will turn up when he least expects it. That moment arrives at his friend’s party. He sees Danny for only a moment, yet his interest is piqued. What could be more irresistible than a blue-eyed beauty who is completely untouched?
Danny knows he doesn’t find women attractive, but how is he going to find out if he’s gay? His sister’s party answers his prayers and the most gorgeous guy he has ever seen asks him out. But can their love survive when Marcus wants more than a closeted partner and Danny wants nothing more than to hide forever?
Heart’s Truth is a sweet, coming out romance that I really enjoyed. To my knowledge, this is the first book I’ve read by Tamsin Baker and it definitely won’t be my last. I thought she really captured the heart and soul of her characters and I enjoyed her fast-paced storytelling ability.
When Marcus is invited to his friend, Sienna’s party, he figures he’ll make an appearance and go on his merry way. What he doesn’t expect is the intense attraction he has when he meets Sienna’s younger brother, Danny. Marcus instinctively knows that Danny is attracted to him and suspects that the young man isn’t quite sure what to do about that attraction. Although Marcus has a feeling Danny is afraid of admitting his attraction to men, Marcus decides he’ll break one of his cardinal rules which is to pursue a man who is deep in the closet.
Danny has had several girlfriends, but has never been happy with any of them. He suspects he’s not really attracted to them and really longs to fulfill one of his secret dreams…which is to have a relationship with another man. Danny is extremely afraid of what his family would think if they knew he had these feelings, so he lives in fear of ever acting on his attraction to other men. Once Danny meets the charismatic and very sexy Marcus, Danny is quickly smitten with him. He finds himself doing what he’s always longed to do, but has been afraid of and soon he is faced with the choice of having something meaningful and special with Marcus or living a lie to appease his family.
I really enjoyed this story. I thought both Marcus and Danny were well-written characters. Marcus is a confident man and he is very understanding of Danny’s needs. He also does what he can to no push Danny into coming out before he is ready, even though he’s tired of hiding their relationship with everyone.
Danny does a lot of personal growth in this story. He’s still a young man, and has an innocence about him that I really liked. Plus, I understood his fear of coming out, but hoped he get comfortable with himself as well as believe in his relationship with Marcus enough to take that chance.
The only reason why this is not a five kiss read for me was: I did not like how Danny’s sister, Sienna, reacted when she found out about the couple. I thought she was hypocritical and hated the way she treated the situation as well as both Marcus and Danny. Because of her overreaction and what she did, it brought me out of the story a little and I definitely wanted to give her a firm shake or three. Otherwise, Heart’s Truth is a very sexy story and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a quick, sexy summer read.

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