Saturday, 3 August 2013

Blond Truth

I'm in the middle of writing Blond Truth, the sequel to Heart's Truth
Anyone in  the mood for some m/mD/s love?

"Don’t think this color fools me Tommy." Ben tugged Tommy's blond hair again and moved to lick Tommy's collar bone. "You may choose to be blond my boy but you're smart, and beautiful, and funny."
Tommy offered Ben his throat and swallowed hard as hot tears filled his eyes. "I see what you show everyone else but it's not you. I see you."
Tommy gasped as Ben’s hands ripped open his shirt and set to work on his jeans. He swallowed with difficulty before asking, "Yeah, and what do u see?"
Bear lifted his head and stared into Tommy’s eyes. "I see a boy who forgot that he’s mine."
Tommy tilted his head back, exposing more of his neck to Ben, and he didn’t disappoint, sucking the tender skin hard, marking him for all to see.
“You should have come here with me,” Ben growled against his skin.
Tommy nodded and closed his eyes.
Ben’s hands found his shirt and rip... the buttons were flying across the room as he tore his shirt open.
“What the fuck Ben?” Tommy gasped as he looked down at his bare chest, the nipples peaked.
“Now, we’re going to say goodnight to our hosts and we’re going home so you can remember who you belong to.”
Ben’s voice had dropped that half octave and Tommy swallowed hard, his cock so hard in his jeans he was ready to pop.
“Like this?” He indicated his shirt and asked the question, already knowing the answer. Ben had done that on purpose.
Ben smiled wickedly, all beautiful white teeth and untucked the rest of the shirt so that it sat a bit better across him.
“Oh yes, I don’t want anyone else thinking they can have you.”
Tommy couldn’t speak. Could he really do this? Proclaim himself off the market to everyone in that room? Show his body off in that way?
Ben dropped a kiss on his lips and gripped his chin gently.
“I want you Tommy. I’m putting it out there. If you want me too, come out with me like this and I’ll take you home.”
Tommy let his hands cup and stroke Ben’s erection through his pants.
“Oh yeah, and what are we going to do at your place?”
Ben stepped away and held out his hand. “I’m going to fulfil any fantasy you want. Nothing’s off limits tonight.”
Tommy’s knees shook as he took a step forward and slid his fingers into Ben’s hand.
“Let’s go then.”
Grinning like a fool, Ben opened the door and they stepped out.

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