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An interview with Em Rose- Author of Jordy's Song.

Welcome to my blog Em!
I can tell everyone that I have personally read Jordy’s song and it is a lovely story. Sweeter than I usually enjoy, but the characters are interesting, the story line addictive and have you rooting for Jordy till the very end!
Tell us about your release ‘Jordy’s song.’ Is it your debut release or have you released other works?
Jordy Hurrell is the frontman of rock band Rogue Night. Unbeknownst to the rest of the band, he’s gay and the object of his desire is lead guitarist Dave McCray. By the time Jordy finally raises the courage to tell Dave how he feels, someone else has stolen the guitarist’s heart and the revelation threatens to tear the band apart. Jordy’s Song is my debut release with Steam eReads.
Why an m/m romance?
The m/m part actually took me by total surprise! When I started the story, I initially just had a serious hankering to write about a super-sexy rock star and the ins and outs of life on the road in a famous band. Then, without any intervention from me, Jordy suddenly turned out to be gay and the object of his affection was his very spunky guitarist, Dave and it just evolved from there.
What was the hardest part of writing Jordy’s song?
The hardest part about writing it was keeping it short and not letting too much plot creep in and drag it out. It was always intended to only be a short story but because I’ve always written longer fiction (around 50-60K words) I found it really difficult to just stick to a couple of scenes and not get carried away. I think that’s partly why I decided to write a sequel!
What are you working on at the moment?
I’m currently working on the sequel to Jordy’s Song and I am about two thirds through writing a full-length contemporary M/F that has been an on/off project for nearly a year now (more off than on lately). I’m a bit of a slut where writing is concerned - I love to share myself around and the thrill of starting a new book is infinitely more exciting to me than finishing an old one off. Consequently I have many, many, half-written stories gathering dust under the bed, or languishing on my hard-drive which is basically the same thing. One of the reasons I gave short story writing a go, was the hope that I might actually finish something. It worked!
Are you planning on writing other genres? If so, which ones would you like to delve into?
Because Jordy’s Song was so out of the box from anything I’ve ever written before, the question might be better phrased ‘am I ever planning to write another m/m’? The answer to that is an emphatic “yes”!
Thank you so much for stopping by! Would you share a short excerpt of your new book with us?
The music pumped through the smoke-filled bar, reverberating in Jordy's chest, making it impossible to hear anything above the wailing din. He didn't mind one bit. The noise, or the fact he couldn't talk over it. He wasn't in a chatty mood.
Melissa had sapped every ounce of his charm, as Ian put it, and left him feeling wrung out and wretched. She had wanted him and he knew he'd let her down. Insulted her, was probably a more accurate description, because she naturally assumed he would have sex with her. That's what rock stars did.
He hadn't been able to explain to her why he couldn't. In the end, as a last, desperate measure, he'd told her he had a dose of the clap, which would do nothing for his reputation. His lie had made him feel so guilty that he'd relented to her request to take off his shirt, allowing himself to be photographed from the waist up so she could show all her friends and pretend he was naked. Even so, she'd still been mighty pissed off when she'd left.
The whole incident sat in his gut like a bad curry, churning sickeningly with the three neat whiskeys he'd downed since his arrival at the bar. He'd lost a fan tonight. His number one fan, so she'd said. But then, they all said that.
And then there was his other problem.
Dave McCray. Devilish, sexy Dave who'd spent half the night lip-locked with Aimee and the other half trying to tell Jordy, over the howling din, how in love he was with her.
Jordy sure needed the alcoholic fortification against his breaking heart.
“Too bad we'll be in Seattle tomorrow,” Jordy said, utterly unsympathetic.
“Well, that's just it,” Dave said, a smile lighting his lips that made Jordy's heart flutter. “I think she might come with me.”
“What?” Jordy spluttered, almost choking on his drink.
“I've asked her. She just has to see if she can re-organise her work and stuff.”
“Hell. You're really serious aren't you?”
Dave met his eyes and gave him a level stare. “Yeah. I am.”
Crack. Another break in his already fragile heart.

Where can we find you and Jordy’s song?

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