Monday, 5 August 2013

almost finished!

I am almost finished writing Blond Truth and wow, what a ride!
I had a very tight schedule to keep to, and since hubby has been away for work, I have been writing
non stop in every chance I have between my day job and normal house stuff!
I have an amazing support network of other authors that help me and the lovely Khoe Wren
is critiquing my story for me.
Usually we wait until we have finished the story to ask for a crit,
but due to my need to get the story in by the end of this week, it means Khloe has been critting it for
me on a chapter by chapter basis as i write it!
Would you like to see a little something I just wrote?

Tommy swallowed the lump in his throat as he looked up at his big teddy bear.
“Thank you for tonight.” He slipped his arms around Ben and his lover’s face softened instantly, his aggressive mood forgotten.
“What for? I had a great time too.”
Tommy kissed Ben’s pouty lips and forced himself to get it out.
“I want you to know I appreciate it, everything. You being affectionate, and encouraging me to talk. I feel... special with you around.”
Ben chuckled and pressed his forehead to Tommy’s, the warmth sinking through to warm all the neglected, cold corners of his soul.
“Tommy, you are special, in every way. It’s my job to make you feel that way every day.”
Tommy enjoyed the moment for a second more before he raised his head and eyed his lover.
“Really? Because my arse is unimpressed.”
“Huh?” Ben’s mouth hung open comically and Tommy forced his eyebrows to remain stern and not laugh.
“I looked in the mirror this morning and there wasn’t a mark on me. How am I supposed to get through every day without that physical reminder of you?”

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