Monday, 12 August 2013

A special Treat from poet Mark Davis

Mark, Congratulations on the release of your second poetry book!

Tell me what this one’s theme is. This ones theme is pleasure. A mixture of so many genres but all ending in pleasure for the participants

Which is your favourite poem and why? Each time I have looked over the book I have a different favourite. When I write so much depends on my mood so it’s the same when I read. Maybe he lost it, or Special night

When is the next installment coming out? Next month I hope. Menage and Cougars. I am still writing so I am happy to receive any inspiration


And would you share a new poem with us? Just coz I’m special? :)

They would sit there together
Watch her on her knees
Make up little tasks
See her try to please
Tell her what to wear
Or what to leave behind
Firm but loving Dominants
Strict on her but kind
They knew she loved to hurt for them
Pain set her aglow
Tightening the nipple clamps
Would put on quite a show
The dildo between her legs
Would stretch their subs sex wide
See the joy mixed with pain
As the large head slid inside
After an online session
It was no surprise
Their bodies were on fire
From what had been before their eyes
And as they satisfied their needs
In the lust filled bedroom race
Their minds filled with wish
To meet their sub face to face

Thank you soooo much Mr Poet.
If any of you haven't read any of Mark's work then you need to start! Buy the book, follow the blog, look him up on facebook. And enjoy :)

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  1. Hi Tamsin........Very nice interview.....with Mark Davis....I already bought his second volume and its very hot, very erotic and yes I did get a gret deal of Pleasure reading it....kisses