Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Faery Dream

Hi Heather!
Congratulations on your new release ‘A Faery Dream.’
Thank you Fiona! It’s very exciting! :D

Tell us, is it your debut release or do you have many more out in the world?
 ‘A Faery Dream’ is my first, though I hope there will be many more!

How did you come up with the idea for this story?
I’m part of a really great writers group, and we had been talking about writing romance (one of the members has several romances published already). Romance is not a genre I’d tried before, though a lot of my stories have romantic elements, so I thought I’d give it a go, and this was the result!

Now, I’m REALLY last when it comes to research. I wrote my first Fae book a couple of months ago and literally just asked some friends ‘What are the rules when writing Fae?’ What sort of research did you do in preparation for writing this story?
I am so slack when it comes to research too! I didn’t do any for this story. I love reading fantasy and over the years I’ve read a lot about the Fair Folk and the myths and legends of their world, so when the time came for me to create this world I just relied on the information I had buried in my head, and adapted the characters and rules around that.
What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I’m working on another fantasy, a romance between a female human and a male tree spirit, who can take human form. 
Would you share an excerpt with us?
Certainly! :)

To see Nyssa in the flesh and not be able to touch her was almost more than Kellen could bear. She was far more beautiful in physical form than in dream, and he wondered if all humans had such a twisted view of themselves. Only her eyes were unchanged, a sparkling green that revealed her every emotion, framed by dark lashes. Her dark brown hair was longer than in dream, hanging loose around her oval face, and it shone with a reddish sheen in the light of the fire.
Kellen did his best to focus on keeping his conversation friendly, but Tom’s arm around Nyssa’s shoulder claimed an ownership that Kellen knew was not wanted. It took every inch of willpower not to knock the guy to ground.
Of course, Kellen knew Nyssa was in a relationship. You did not share dreams and fail to pick up on that information. But that same source told him she was not certain of her feelings for the human, while her feelings for Kellen could not be clearer.
But Nyssa did not yet know the truth about herself. Though she had recognised him at once she had pretended otherwise, even though he saw the desire burning in her eyes at every glance. Nerida played it cool. She had been warned Nyssa knew nothing of her heritage, that they must play at being human, and trust Nyssa’s dreams would tell her enough when she was ready to listen. Kellen was proud of his sister. She was not known for her love of mortals-looking down on them as foolish creatures-but here none of those feelings made an appearance. He smiled at her encouragingly. She smiled back. Out of everyone, it felt as though Nerida alone truly knew the importance of getting Nyssa back, returning her to her home, her people. Carlin had made a mistake when she had banished Nyssa’s mother. Even with human blood flowing through her veins Nyssa’s magic shone through. She belonged with them, not here in this empty world. And Kellen was going to bring her back if it was the last thing he did.
He caught Nyssa’s eye again as she shot him a quick glance. He found himself hardening at the thought of their nights together in dream, and promised himself that before too long she would experience a night with him in reality, and it would convince her who was truly man enough for her.

How can we find you and your gorgeous new ‘Short and Sexy’?

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  1. Woooooeeeee! Great excerpt, Heather! Now its burning a hole in my kindle until I can get to it! Congratulations on your fabulous debut novella!! Wishing you truckloads of sales!

  2. Thanks for visiting LaVerne and I'll join you in the reading, mine's sitting on my kindle app too!