Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Alpha's pet- book review

If you have seen my last post you'll know I am LOVING the dark hollow wolf pack.
The Alpha's pet is the first of the series.
The basic plot is this:
Nicky is a straight, beautiful young man who is attacked and left for dead.
Rory, a wolf who has been watching him, turns him to save his life and waits for Marco to arrive.
Marco is the Alpha, and Nicky's blood mate.
This means that Marco's blood literally sings for Nicky's, love at first sight and lots and lots of lust.
Marco mate's with Nicky and takes him home as his beloved 'pet.'
Think D/s to the extreme. The subs or pets wear leather pants and collars. They are looked after and
are very much loved, yet they don't have any power.
Marco struggles to 'control' Nicky's wild behaviour and Nicky struggles to follow the rules.
It all comes from a good place and their love is beautiful.
What i love is the journey, the way both of the men develop. The concessions they make to keep each other happy.
It is primitive- were wolves. Sexy- m/m sex and LOTS of it.
I absolutely loved it.
Some of the reviews were nasty because they didn't like the D/s components, but it all comes from a good place as the wolf's believe it is in their pets best interest to do so.
The love story is truly beautiful and as the series evolves, you see Nicky and Marco in every story and i love that because you get to see how they change and develop even more.

Here's the amazon link in case you are in the mood:

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