Sunday, 14 July 2013

Review for the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack book 4

This book is called Gabe's Alpha- and i fell in love with this one from the very start.

Gabe is an amazing find, purely because he survived the bite of a were wolf. His is turned into a feral creature, yet manages to stay alive and well, though he abuses his body quite badly in the process.
When the Alpha Zack finds Gabe, he knows he is his blood mate and he quickly claims the lost, orphaned, gorgeous young man.
issues arise when Zach expects Gabe to be submissive, yet he craves it too.
Gabe goes a little wild, but he is a fantastic character and I enjoyed Zach dominating in this book, because it happened gradually and due to bad behaviour, not just because Zach thought it was his right.
I have to share my favourite line, and this is a direct quote:

"And the next motherfucker who implies I don't love my husband is getting my foot up his wolf ass!"


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