Monday, 15 July 2013

new m/m I'm writing :)

 "Baby, you're going to need a safe word."
Tommy blinked, fear creeping into his belly, cold and intense.
"" Tommy could hear the fear in his own voice and cleared his throat before asking his next question.
"Are you a fucking Dom or something?"
Bear smiled one of those sexy, confident smiles and very slowly stretched Tommy's arms high above his head. "Not technically, but I do like it rough. Not many men make me want it though, but you..."
Timmy shivered and arched his back to get closer. He needed to know.
Bear growled and swooped in for a hard kiss. His lips were demanding, hot, and Tommy’s eyes slidshut to better absorb the feel of them against him. Demanding his submission, sharing his passion.
When Bear raised his head his eyes were dark with lust. "You make me want to spank you till I can see my hand mark on you then fuck you so long and hard you'll still feel me next week."
Tommy moaned and lifted his legs to wrap them around Bear’s muscled waist. He wanted that, he needed that. To have someone crave him to the point of wanting to possess him was an exciting thing.
"I want that, please."
His cock was leaking, he could feel precum on his belly, his balls tight and drawn up near his body.
Bear bit down on Tommy's lower lip and he gasped at the acute stab of pain.
"Pick a word. One u would never use in bed."
Tommy pulled down with his arms but found he couldn't. Bear had his wrists held secure within one of his own. He wasn't going anywhere and the powerlessness was damn exciting.
"Aahhh" he searched his mind and drew a blank.
Bear ground his hard cock into Tommy's thigh and he moaned. "Banana."

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