Monday, 22 July 2013

new m/m excerpt:

I have just started 'Blond Truth' the sequel to Heart's Truth.
It is the story about Tommy, Marcus's best friend and 'Big Bear Ben.'
It has a bit of D/s stuff showing up which I didn't plan on, but it's fun to write.
Here's something I wrote this morning, unedited of course :)

Ben watched the gorgeous blond across the table, wondering if he really was as flighty as he seemed. He was dressed to impress and had taken great care with his hair and skin. He may be vain, but he looked fucking delicious.

Tommy bounced on is seat. "So, Marcus, have you planned where you’re travelling in Europe yet?"
Danny groaned and rolled his eyes and Marcus grinned. "Yeah, well you lost the bet, so you're coming."

Tommy ruffled Marcus's hair in an affectionate way, "If Danny won’t come, I will."

Ben wanted to laugh at the outrageousness of this guy but Danny wasn’t pleased.
 His hostility was rolling off him and his back was so ram rod straight it looked like he had a poker up his arse. He looked over at Ben to explain. "Marcus wants to show me Europe, but I don’t want to go if he’s going to pay for everything."

Again Tommy laughed jovially and caressed Marcus's shoulder. Ben watched the action unfolding and could literally feel Danny’s annoyance, and to be honest, it was getting annoying. Marcus was Danny’s boyfriend and Tommy really had no right touching Marcus in that way. Danny was a good kid, and he wasn’t going to do anything about it.
Marcus swatted him away but Tommy just laughed and Ben decided that if he did it again, he would do something about it. For Danny’s sake mostly, though the idea of getting his hands on that lush piece of arse, was pretty much a good incentive all on its own.

"If you can’t go Danny, I will. I don’t have money hang ups." 
Tommy lifted his hand once again and Ben’s control snapped. He grabbed Tommy’s bar stool and pulled it over so that it was touching his. Almost throwing Tommy off in the process.
"Hey!" Tommy glared at him, his blue eyes flashing. 
Ben put his lips to Tommy’s ear and growled, “If you want to grope someone so badly you can touch me beautiful boy, but leave Danny’s boyfriend alone.”
Tommy gasped and shivered a little, the movement making Ben instinctively reach up and run a reassuring hand over the man’s back. Had he just called Tommy beautiful boy? Of fuck, the Dom in him had come out. It usually took months of sex with a man to get even the smallest bit of that side of him to surface. Three minutes? No way.
Tommy elbowed him gently and ignored the words, but he swayed closer as Ben continued to rub the man’s muscled back.
“So, what was the bet?” Ben forced himself to ask as Marcus and Danny stared at him with wide, disbelieving eyes.
“Uh.. Marcus took me out for dinner about 6 months ago and told me that I would get an average of a distinction for my graduation. If I did then I had to go to Europe with him.”
Ben nodded and tried hard to concentrate on the conversation, rather than the way his cock was aching. It had lengthened and was pressing against the fly in his jeans.
“Awesome. Well, book it now for 3 months time, save your salary and go. You’ll have more than enough.”
Danny bit his lip and looked at Marcus, who had now lit up like a Christmas tree. “Yeah, I suppose.”
Ben smiled and slowly retracted his hand from Tommy’s spine. “if you guys are in it forever, then you don’t need to worry. The way I see it, pride should never get in the way of being together. If Marcus can afford it now, let him pay. Then wait another year, and take him then.”
Ben stared at his friend and employee. He knew how in love Danny was, he just needed encouraging occasionally.
“You’re right.” Danny brightened visibly and planted a kiss on Marcus. “Hang on, what about work, I haven’t accrued any leave.”
Ben waved his hand. “You’ll have two weeks by then, and I’ll talk to your boss.” He winked at Danny and he brightened even more.
“Thanks Ben.”
Tommy swiveled in his chair and glared at Ben, the movement weird and unexpected. “And who are you that can guarantee something like that?”
Ben smiled calmly and looked back at Danny. “Because Ben’s my boss. Well, he’s the boss actually.”
He flashed Danny a look, that wasn’t public knowledge. “Danny.”
Danny flushed and smiled. “Sorry, I just think it’s so cool.”
Ben rolled his eyes and moved back in his chair.
Marcus sat forward, “Hang on, Ben, as in Ben Shorts? Owner of Shorts Engineering?”
Ben squirmed in his chair. He didn’t really like this attention. That’s why he paid people to run his company. “Well, yeah, but I just like the structural engineering side of things.”

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