Friday, 26 July 2013

New contract!!!

I was going to bed last night for an early night and was just closing down my computer.
Checked my emails once more as i always do, and what was there?
An acceptance of 'Too Busy for Love' by Kate Cuthbert, the head editor at Escape Publishing!
So i will have another m/m contemporary out there in the world, in 6 months or so!
Here's an short excerpt to share :)

“Have a good day, sir.”
Thomas nodded at his butler as he headed out the door of his early Victorian mansion, the home he had bought himself after he had made his first million. He headed down the stairs to his waiting prestige car and smiled to himself. At thirty-one he was on Forbes top fifty richest bachelors under forty. He intended to be in the top ten next year and he always achieved his goals.
He put his hand out for the door handle, his planned speech for his nine a.m. meeting rolling through his head. He owned a merger and acquisitions company and he wanted the huge business he had spent the last year acquiring.
An action to the right of the front garden caught his eye and he looked up. Oh no, not the roses!
“What the fuck are you doing?” he screamed and charged across the gardens before he had consciously decided to move.
He walked up behind the gardener and repeated the question.
“What the fuck do you think you are doing to my mother’s favourite roses?”
The gardener turned around with a frown on his handsome, young face and Thomas was levelled by the prettiest blue eyes he had ever seen.
“I’m pruning them, sir. It’s time.”
The young man lifted his hand and ran it through his short blond hair. Despite the baggy white t-shirt and ugly overalls, Thomas saw the fit, muscular body and clenched his teeth against the wave of lust that assailed him.
Fuck, it’s been too long. I’m getting a hard-on over the servants.
“My mother is visiting next week and will have my head if those roses are anything but blooming.”
Thomas shuddered as he looked at the pruning shears and the roses that were already on the ground. His mother had raised him, alone and with a daily dose of guilt added to his porridge. He had spent his life trying to make it up to her and that included pandering to her picky tastes.
The young man he was glaring at gave him a lop-sided smile as he looked down at the discarded roses.
“So, you’d like me to make them look pretty for another week and then I can prune them?”
The new gardener looked up at him and smiled again.
Thomas fell back, the squeeze on his chest robbing him of breath. This man was remarkably beautiful.
“Yes, I would. Thank you... ah..”
“Luke.” The blue eyed hunk smiled at him once again.
Thomas tugged on his expensive jacket and nodded his head in the most formal way possible.
“Thank you, Luke.”
He forced himself to spin and walk away, the gravel crunching beneath his Italian leather shoes. Every word he had planned for his meeting had flown right out of his head.
Thomas opened the door and swung into the car that drove him everywhere.
“To the office Jimmy.”
His driver nodded and they moved forward. Thomas couldn’t stop himself from looking out the window once again and have a good long look at Luke’s tight round arse as he bent over to pick up the discarded roses.
“Damn...” he said beneath his breath.
He had been so busy lately, he couldn’t remember the last fuck he’d had. Oh, yes he could, Paris, three weeks ago. But it had been brief and impersonal as all of his affaires were.
No matter, he didn’t have the time or inclination for more until he had reached all of his goals. He wasn’t where he needed to be yet, no matter what delicious morsel of a man literally fell onto his path.
He opened his small laptop and began to check his email. His work was the most important thing in his life. No time to be distracted now.

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