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K M Golland visits for an interview on Fulifilment.

Hello again Kelly and congratulations on the release of your third book Fulfilment!
Thank you very much. I’m very excited to finally give Alexis and Bryce their happily ever after.

Tell me about the book.

It's the third in your temptation series. Is it the last?
It is the last book in Alexis’ point of view. I am, however, currently writing the fourth book in the series about the blossoming relationship between Carly and Derek, who are both characters in The Temptation Series. This book is titled Attraction (Book 4 in The Temptation Series)

What was the biggest challenge in writing this book?
Making sure I answered all unanswered questions, and giving Alexis and Bryce the happily ever after that they deserved. There were also some very emotional scenes that I had to write very delicately.

What is your favourite part?
My favourite part is always the Epilogue. I did, however, really enjoy bringing back the sexual angst between the two leading characters.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m working on book 4 in the series; Attraction. And, I’m also planning a stand-alone romance/erotica novel, which I’m also very excited about.

What's the best piece of author advice you've ever been given?
I haven’t really been given any author advice. I’ve pretty much just jumped straight into this as a career. It has just come quite naturally, I’m very lucky. I did learn a very valuable lesson quite early on though, and that was: get yourself a good group of Beta Readers.

Would you share an excerpt with us? 
The Australian leg of the Formula One Grand Prix was to be held in Melbourne the weekend after Easter, and as City Towers Precinct was one of the event sponsors and the main accommodation venue, the work that awaited our arrival was enormous.
There was to be a charity breakfast held in the Queen Victoria Ballroom on the first day of the weekend event. I had been communicating with Joyce: the Head Media Liaison, and Allison: the Events Co-ordinator, to finalise the list of auction items for Ozkids Melbourne Charity. Bryce had to sign off on the items list which I would normally email him, but he had been in his office all day and I had hardly seen him, so I thought I would take this opportunity to deliver it to him personally, together with the chargrilled king salmon and herb salad I had ordered for lunch.
I picked up the list as soon as Sebastian pushed the food and beverage trolley through the elevator doors. “Good afternoon, Sebastian.”
“Good afternoon, Ms. Summers.”
“Just leave that here. I will take it into him.”
As always, the shy Food and Beverage Attendant hated when I broke protocol by relieving him of his duty to take the trolley all the way in to his employer. “I promise it’s fine, Sebastian,” I said reassuringly while winking at him.
He reluctantly smiled and went on his way. I gently knocked on Bryce’s office door, and when he called out for me to enter, I opened it and pushed the trolley through.
He looked up from his computer, smiled for a split second then frowned only slightly. “You really should let Sebastian bring in the trolley, Alexis. It is his job after all.”
“Oh shush. What’s the point when I’m coming in here anyway?” I stopped the cart right next to the conference table. “Unless you don’t want me to come in,” I said with a slight pouty voice as I turned my back to him and placed the cloches on the table, deliberately hoping he’d fall for my obvious ploy.
As expected, he was behind me instantly, pressing his body against my back. His hands had a tight grip on my hips and his lips were already kissing my neck. “I’ve missed you, my love,” he murmured, as he trailed his mouth down to my shoulder. I felt his fingers take hold of the zip at the top of my dress then the unmistakable sound of him slowly undoing it filled me with eager longing for his hard and delectable cock.
I sucked in a breath as he dragged his hands back up my bare back, pushing the dress off my shoulders so that it fell to the floor, leaving me in nothing but my black lace bra, G-string and garter. He walked around to my front and eyed me from top to toe. “You’ve got new underwear.”
“Yes, Clarissa helped me find some maternity lingerie that was not hideously ugly.”
“Hmmm.” He stepped forward and unclipped the front of my bra at the strap, so that it fell forward exposing my breast.
His face lit up, and I couldn’t help but laugh. 
“I like maternity bras—easy access.” He bent down and tongued my nipple. Holy fuck! I like them too. Reaching up, he unclipped the other side then gently squeezed and rolled my nipple between his fingers, compelling me to moan for him, which intensified his actions. I gripped his head and flexed my fingers through his sexy hair. He growled then let me go and walked straight to his office door. What? Where the fuck are you going? Get back here now, God damn it!
I was just about to hurl abuse at him and jump on his back to prevent him from leaving the room, when he locked the office door and turned around slowly. Then, prowling toward me with a sexy-as-hell stride, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He is just so fucking hot, I can barely breathe.
He laid his shirt and tie over the back of the sofa in the middle of his office then continued on to where I was standing. Reaching for my face, he cupped my cheeks in his hands and he slammed his mouth to mine. I grabbed his arse, pulling him into my pelvis and lifting my leg to wrap around his waist. He reached down and secured it by placing his hand behind my knee, and gently laying me down on top of the table.
“Are you comfortable?” he asked.
“Sure.” Sexy and sweet, I’m luckier than a leprechaun.
I propped myself up on my elbows and watched him disappear down my body until he had his fingers hooked into my underwear, pulling them down. He scrunched them up, and I watched him place them in his pocket. Oh, I’ll be getting those back Mr. G-String Thief, so don’t even think about it.
He rolled one of the chairs from around the table in front of me then casually took a seat. I smirked at him, amused at his position at the table. Well, taking a seat does make sense, I guess. Grabbing both my ankles, he placed each foot on the armrest of his chair and leaned forward with a salacious grin before tongue-fucking my clit.
My head fell back and my nipples hardened. “Fuck...Bryce,” I exhaled.
“That comes next, Hunny.”
“You’re so ba—” he inserted his fingers in between licks of his tongue. “Bad, you’re so fucking bad.”
Suddenly the phone rang, and as casually as he would normally answer it, Bryce reached over and hit speaker. “Bryce Clark speaking.”
“Bryce, it’s Arthur. Have you got a minute?” Santa! Seriously, your timing is impeccable.
“Sure, how can I help you, Arthur?” he answered nonchalantly. I pulled my head back up and mouthed ‘what the fuck’.
“I’ve been speaking to the Corporate Partners Co-ordinator in relation to the marquee at the Grand Prix...” Arthur said. Bryce leaned forward again and dragged his tongue slowly across my pussy. I nearly shrieked, but instead, I flinched and clenched my thighs together, capturing his head in between them. He eyed me greedily.
“...The entire proposal for the marquee’s function has been submitted...” Geezus, Santa. Spit it out. “...Are you happy for me to okay the specifics of the proposal? I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied.” Arthur asked.
Bryce stuck out his tongue and flicked at my clit sending my body into a subdued frenzy as my orgasm bordered explosion. I bit my lip.
“Bryce?” Arthur asked a little impatient.
“Yes, Arthur, that is fine. I’m happy for you to sign off on it.”
“Sorry, am I interrupting you?”
“I’m just eating my lunch,” Bryce answered while eyeing me devilishly. My mouth fell open, and I sat up.
“Oh, sorry, I’ll let you go then.”
“No, that’s not necessary. Alexis is here with me though, and just to let you know Arthur, you’re on speaker.”
“Oh. Hello, Ms. Summers. Sorry to interrupt your lunch. I won’t hold Bryce up for much longer.”
My face was flushed, and my lips were pursed. Bryce had a vice grip on my hips, knowing I’d try and leave.
“Hello, Arthur,” I said through gritted teeth. “There’s no rush. Bryce is the only one eating, and anyway, he is finished now.” I raised my eyebrow which was the most stupid thing I could’ve done, because almost instantly Bryce thrust his fingers into me with such force I gasped. I quickly covered my mouth and glared at him while my body thoroughly enjoyed his finger-fuck.
Bryce continued on the conversation, mischievously smiling and placing kisses down my thighs while continuing to pull his fingers in and out of me. “So, Arthur, how is Geraldine now? On the mend?”
I mouthed the words ‘I hate you’. He shook his head and mouthed the reply, ‘no you don’t.’Grrr, No, I don’t.
“She is much better, thanks. I have booked a holiday like you suggested...,” Arthur stated. Bryce pushed up from his chair and dragged me toward him. He spun me around and gently pushed me forward so that I was leaning over the table. Oh. Shit. Crap. Balls.
“We will be going to Tasmania in three weeks,” Arthur continued enthusiastically. “Ms. Summers, have you ever been there?” Santa, I’m slightly busy right now.
“Yes, I have. It’s beautiful. Have you been there?” Fuck, Alexis don’t ask him questions.Bryce very quietly unzipped his pants and I felt the unmistakable warmth of his crown push into my now overly wet pussy. Fuck! I’m not a quiet fucker. I moan, and scream, and pant, and howl. Fuck!
“Yes,” Arthur answered. “A few times, but most of those were for business.”
“So how long are you going for, Arthur?” continued Bryce, as he slowly began to push into me. I dropped my head to the desk and placed my arm in my mouth probably resembling a freakin’ dog biting a bone.
Bryce leaned forward, removed my arm from my mouth and pinned both arms to the table as he increased his pace. I hate him...but I love him...Holy shit!
“We are hiring a motorhome and driving around for two weeks. I’m really looking forward to the wineries and dairy farms. Do you suggest we go anywhere in particular, Ms. Summers?”
Please Santa, Shut up! “Strahan,” I mumbled, between subdued pants.
“What? Sorry I didn’t hear that,” Arthur stated.
Bryce let out a chuckle, and I swear I could’ve killed him.
“Strahan, Arthur. Make sure you go to Strahan and take the Gordon River Cruise,” I blurted out as quickly as I could.  Seriously, Santa. Fuck off and go and deliver some presents.
“Yes, I’ve heard that is a must do. Thank you. Anyway, back to my original reason for calling, I’ll sign off on the Marquee’s specifics and send you a list of VIP attendants. Are you going to come this year, Bryce?”
He was pounding into me now, and the sheer will power I was desperately clinging onto in order to pacify any sound escaping my mouth was quickly leaving my grasp.
“I don’t know, Arthur. Alexis, do you like the Grand Prix?”
I dropped my head. You’ll pay for this Mr. Fucker Clark. He slammed into me and I couldn’t help but let out a high-pitched “Yes.”
“Have you been before?” Bryce asked, with a satisfied grunt, knowing full well that I had. He slammed into me again.
“Do you want to come?” Oh, you fucking know I want to come.
“Yes,” I practically screamed, losing it and tipping over the edge, my orgasm rippling through me as I shuddered on top of the conference table.
Bryce followed, tightening his grip on my hands as he found his release. “Yes, Arthur. We’re coming,” he said, trying to sound normal and less breathy than he actually was. “I’ll let you know my final numbers later today.”
“Certainly, I’ll wait to hear from you. Now, please continue your lunch. Good day.” Arthur hung up.
I was still slumped over the conference table. “Bryce Edward Clark. I fucking hate you,” I declared, breathlessly.
He leaned forward and kissed my cheek. “No you don’t. You fucking love me.”
I cracked up laughing. “Yes, I do.”

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