Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Heart's Truth comes out today!

My new M/M erotic romance gets release today with Steam eReads.
Here is a short excerpt and my cover.
It's pretty cute and my boys are pretty awesome.

He wanted Marcus to want him, not Thomas. Jealousy was ripping his insides apart.
The second half passed much slower. Essendon lost their momentum and began to lose, so Thomas cheered even harder. When he wasn’t caressing Marcus, that was.
Marcus didn’t return any of the touches, but it was obvious he was used to such attention. Were they a couple? Casual fuck buddies? What?
Either way, he wasn’t staying to find out.
When the football finished, the men soon picked up their phones, keys and wallets and headed for the door.
“Nice to meet you,” Danny responded to most of their goodbyes. It was time for him to leave. He couldn’t believe he had actually thought Marcus wanted him.
“You aren’t staying?” Marcus asked him as he moved towards the front door. He turned to face his tormentor. Why had Marcus invited him over if only to tease him? Danny’s chest was hurting just from the stress of breathing. His stomach was clenched tight.
“No, I think Thomas wants to stay. Three’s a crowd.” Danny couldn’t stop the venomous words as they escaped from his mouth. He didn’t want to sound like an angry child, but fuck, was he mad.
“Oh, jealous are you? Are you always going to be like that?” Marcus cocked his head and his brown eyes moved over Danny’s face in an assessing way.
“I’m not bloody jealous. It’s just obvious you two are fucking. So I might as well leave.” Danny tried to move past Marcus, but the big idiot stood his ground.
Marcus smiled a really irritating pleased smile. “Oh, I like this side of you, Danny.”
Furious now, his teeth clenched so hard his jaw ached, Danny growled. He needed to get out of here. He went to move but Marcus backed him up against a wall and gripped both his hands, lifting them up near his head.
Danny glared at the man who held him, effortlessly, against the wall.
“Let me go, Marcus.”

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