Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fighting Destiny Excerpt: MMF paranomal

My first paranormal shifter story comes out on the 31st of July 2013
Fighting Destiny: 1st book in The shifters of the land, air and sea.
MMF ménage, contemporary, shifter, erotic romance.
Here's a little look see!
Natalia raised her heavy head. She had a metal collar around her neck that was so tight she didn’t dare attempt to shift. They had tied her to two trees about six foot apart. The collar, her arms and her legs, all tied to the trees. Her arms and legs were spread, and she was completely helpless. She was also exhausted. She had been in this position for almost two days.
Her arms ached, and her legs burned. What made it worse was the fact she didn’t know why she was being punished. They had told her nothing except that she would stand trial for her crime the next day.  
Yes, she had run too far into the bird shifter’s lands, but why were they holding her for it? It wasn’t a true crime, and the question was, what did they want from her?
She caught a whiff of a land shifter and took a deeper breath, a familiar scent making her moan in relief. Tommy. Oh, thank God. He’s found me.
A small fox was sniffing around her, and even in her tired state she recognized his scent.
“Bobby...” she whispered, fear catching in her throat. The bird men would be around, and they could hurt the lovely boy trying to help her.
One of the larger men had given her a long shirt that almost decently covered her, but other than that privilege, she had been tied up and starved. It had been the worst two days of her life.
A naked man appeared at her feet, and Natalia closed her eyes. That was the one thing she found hard to handle about being a shifter, the lack and loss of clothes.
A wolf’s howl broke the silence around them, then again and again. Tommy.
“They’re coming.” Bobby whispered.
A loud squawk rent the air, and Bobby began to frantically unclip her ankles. The bird shifters had heard, and they were coming for her again.
“Hurry, Bobby, please.” Natalia began to sob.
She was truly scared now. She didn’t know what these men wanted, and she certainly didn’t want an all-out war between their two groups.
A growl ripped through the air, and Natalia shivered. A tiger. There were only two in their pack. Jeremy’s parents, but they were old.
It couldn’t be him … could it? He had been missing for ten years.
A tiger landed on the dirt in front of her, and beside him came Tommy in his wolf form. The tiger was magnificent, strong, huge, and clearly in his prime. Jeremy.

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