Monday, 1 July 2013

books i am loving!

I am truly loving shannon west's were wolf series the dark hollow wolf park
I have read all 8 books in 4 days
I love m/m and this series is all m/m
the characters are addictive and there is a huge D/s component
there's the super natural were-wolf thing but what I love is that every book has amazing, strong, different characters and its written chronological order so you get to see the characters you love popping up again and again
If you love m/m, paranormal and D/s then this is the series for you!
I personally read them backwards, starting with the latest, book 8,
but if you can, read them from the start and you'll see the full development of the characters and more importantly the changes that the Alpha's must got through to keep their beloved pets happy :-)

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