Thursday, 11 July 2013

Another werewolf m/m series.... YAY!!!! By Lynn Tyler

I found another m/m werewolf series, and i frikken love it!
Unfortunately there is only 2 books published so far, but hey i read both in one day, the first one twice!
Author- Lynn Tyler
The first one is called:
Called to mate.
Basically, it is about Declan the Alpha's son who is called home to mate and take over as the Alpha when his father steps down. He returns and meets his parent's house guest, Quinn.
Quinn is an abused submissive who brings out every protective instinct Dec has, and his life becomes centred around taking care of Quinn.
Their lust and love is immediate and I just loved this story!
Yes its quick, but i love short stories with proper HEA and lots of sexy love thrown in.

The second in the series is called Micah's Refuge.
Micah is a gay wolf who is kicked out of his pack for refusing to kill a human. He seeks refuge in Declan's pack and soon falls head over heels for the loner wolf Shea.
Shea has issues about coming out at work and refuses to consider taking Declan as his mate.
Both of the men struggle, but in the end, it is really their wolf self's that decide that they must be together.

I personally enjoyed the first one more, but they are both awesome if you enjoy short, m/m paranormal love stories :)

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