Thursday, 20 June 2013

The poet Mark Davis has a book coming out!!!

I had the great pleasure of interviewing the poet and story teller, Mark Davis today:

Congratulations on your debut solo release. 

Thank you Tamsin

U have other works in anthology's but this is your first ebook with just your name on the cover. How does it feel?
Feels so good. First of many I hope

Your blog has achieved a good following in a short amount of time. How have you achieve that?

Good friends sharing me, pushing it on my facebook page and sharing my poems.

If you could write for a couple of hours right now, what would u prefer? Poetry or a story?
A story, although I am a bit of a dinosaur at typing. Would need more that two hours

Which is your favourite poem in this book and why?
his face her place and the Dungeoun

I believe this is the first in a series of ebooks. Tell us what each of the themes are.

Yes Domination is the first
then    Pleasure
When will they be available for purchase?

hopefully the rest by September

I personally love your Dom poems, do you have your favourite style?

It does depend a bit on my mood. I like the story telling poems
Congratulations again and please leave all the details of how we can find you and your new collection of poems.
the books will be available on Amazon Barnes and Noble Smashwords KOBO and Ibooks
You always ask me about my inspiration for stories, so where do you get yours? 

I am lucky to have some wonderful friends to inspire me. They know just how to pique my interests and fan my creative flames

Thank you so much for visiting Mark and I wish you the very best with book sales!


  1. Great interview... can't wait to get these

  2. Looking forward to Mark Davis' series of ebooks, also thank you for the interview, great questions, great insight

  3. I'm looking forward to them too Isabella and I intend to do an interview every month until they come out! So stay tuned :-)