Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sneak peak of new MMM i'm writing

Well, I've done Vampires, currently writing Shifters, so what other paranormal interests me?
Why not try Fae? Of course it must be menage- and why not do a MMM.
The lovely publishing team at Steam eReads have requested one!
Would you like a little sneak peek?

After a hundred years of service to their Fae king, Neisk believed he deserved his one month down on Earth. It was his third and last time. After that he would need to decide whether to stay forever in the land of mortals, or be trapped in the land of the Fae as an elder.
Neisk stared down at the land below and took a deep breath. He had followed the rules the last two times he had visited Earth. He hadn’t revealed who he was, had used no magic, and had only indulged himself with the females of the race. Very unsatisfactory it had been.
This time he was going to risk angering the elders to find what he needed. A man, or even two, that he could love with all of his body and heart. It was his last chance and if he couldn’t find what he was looking for this time, then he would retire to the sky forever. Doomed to look down on the people that he ached to join but knew he could never live with.
Closing his eyes, Neisk said the secret incantation and strode the few feet out the gates. He was all-in this time, and if it meant risking his immortal soul for a few minutes of real happiness, then he would.

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