Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sinful Sirens Blog Hop Post

Hello everyone!
And welcome to my blog!
My name is Tamsin Baker and I write erotic romance and erotica.
I write what I love to read so at the moment I have contracts with books including:
M/F, F/F, F/F/M, M/M, M/M/M, M/M/M/F and M/M/F.
(I do love my boy love!)
Historical, contemporary, vamp, fantasy and Domme.

I would love to give some of my ebooks away so I can introduce myself to some people
In the next two months I have my menage vamp series coming out.
It is everything I love to read.
Historical- Regency Period.
I have loved Regency Period books since I found Eloisa James, Julia Quinn and Sabrina Jeffries.

They all include M/M
I have loved M/M since Justin Taylor and Brian Kinney

And its a vampire book. I have loved vamps since I found Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse series.

So there are 3
Eternal Hearts- M/M/F
2 male vamps that have been lovers for 500 years who finally find their third mate- Margaret.
Bonded Hearts-M/M/M
The 900 year old male vamps find their third, Jackson.
Healed Hearts- M/M/F
Three male vamps find their fourth in Maryanne.

So here's the game.
Tell me which one you want and why and I'll give the best answers a free ebook- they are all due out in june 2013 by Evernight Publishing. Don't forget to leave your email.

Thank you!!! And enjoy the rest of the hop


  1. I want Bonded Hearts. I love M/M novels, there something about them that really set them apart from normal romances (i.e. M/F, F/F, etc). The writing feels different and the love between two men or more seems so much more explosive and loving than other romances.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

    1. Totally agree! If done well :-) I'm obsessed with m/m

  2. It looks like H.B. will be getting all three copies as no one else commented!
    Congrats and enjoy!
    Tamsin xo