Tuesday, 14 May 2013

new cover!!!

This is my m/f short erotic romance due out on Friday!
Here's a short excerpt:

Mark took her exit off the freeway and too soon pulled onto her street.
            “Thank you.” He looked straight at her and smiled as the car came to a stop, but she could see the tension there in his face. Their friendship was too important to her. Had they just risked it all?
            Angie knew she wanted to kiss him, in truth she wanted to fuck him, but most of all she wanted to tell him that she was in love with him. She was a coward and she didn’t.
            She grabbed her bag, pushed open the car door rather than waiting for Mark to open it, and stood on shaky legs on the footpath. Sticking her head back into the car, she asked, “Do you want to come in?”
            Mark leveled her with his eyes. She could see he wanted her, desperately. “Baby, if I come inside, I’ll be coming inside you. So you better think again about that invitation.”
            Angie swallowed hard, guilt and embarrassment flooding her. “I’m sorry.”
            Mark shook his head. “No, I’m sorry. You taste better than anything or anyone, ever. Just give me a few days to calm down and things will go back to normal. Okay?”
            Angie blushed again, a flood of longing sweeping through her lower body. She had some hard decisions to make because she didn’t know if she wanted things to go back to how they had been before.
            “Okay. Thank you for taking me to Lily’s tonight, Mark.”
            He smiled, some of the tension easing from his face. “Any time.”
            He waited until she had opened her front door and stepped through, then revved the car’s engine and drove away.

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