Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hop against Homophobia and Transphobia

It is the international day against homophobia and transphobia so we are doing a blog hop!!!
It may be insiginificant but i want to explain where my love affair with M/M started.
Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor.
If you do not know these names you have missed out.
They were/are two of the main characters in Queer as Folk- the Canadian version.
I was 17 when I was first introduced to the tv show and these characters. I would tape it on Monday night and watch the one episode over and over again.
Their sex's didn't matter to me, I just loved the love story between the two people.
I have never and will never understand how people can descriminate on the basis of who you love
and the way you make love. It makes absolutely no sense to me whats so ever.
So of course when i began writing erotic romance it was a natural progression to write M/M, M/M/M, M/M/F and M/M/M/F.
I do love my M's don't I ?
So to celebrate I want to share the epilogue of my story ' Truth Be Told.'
Which is an erotic romance released in May by Evernight Publishing.
I know that not everyone longs for the life of a 'breeder' as Brian Kinney used to say and everyone has the right to live the life they want. But this is my epilogue, so i gave my characters what they most longed for and what I believe they have every right to have.

Epilogue: 4 years later.
“Blow out the candles, sweet heart.” Patrick held his daughter’s long brown hair back so it didn’t get burnt.
She loudly and with great enthusiasm blew out the four candles on top of the cake that his mother had made for her as everyone at the party laughed and clapped.
“Good girl, Carlie,” Liam came around the other side of their daughter and picked her up into his arms, squeezing her tightly.
He put her back down on her feet and pointed her in Patrick’s mum’s direction. “Go and thank Granma for your cake while Daddy cuts it up for everyone.”
Patrick began slicing up the chocolate cake for all of their family and friends and couldn’t hold back his smile as Liam slid his arms around his waist.
“What are you smiling about, beautiful?” Liam whispered into his ear and Patrick was grateful he’d worn jeans to hide his body’s reaction.
“I just can’t believe she’s four already.”
They both looked over at his parents, where his mum and dad were giving their daughter all the attention a little girl could want.
Liam and he had been legally married for two years and they’d adopted Carlie eighteen months ago. She had been a shy, sickly little thing that had been bounced around from foster home to foster home until they had gotten her. Liam and he had both reduced their work hours and between them and both sets of grandparents, Carlie had blossomed into a happy, healthy little girl.
“I still can’t believe that we’re married with a child.” Liam’s soft words were meant only for him, but Patrick twirled in his husband’s arms and kissed him loudly on the lips.
“I love you, I love our life. I want nothing more.”
Liam laughed and stepped out of his embrace. Patrick looked up at the house they had bought together and looked around at the family they had created and knew his life was perfect.
“Are you sure about that?” Liam asked him, one eyebrow raised in the air as he pulled out a piece of paper from his back pocket.
“Yes … why?” Patrick’s stomach had dropped ominously. Liam would never spring bad news on him at a party, but what could be so exciting? Had he bought another house?
Liam opened the paper and handed into to Patrick.
“Because, they’re giving us a son to complete our family.”
Patrick glanced at the paper and didn’t need to even read it. With a scream he threw himself into Liam’s arms, who picked him up and twirled him around.
Milly and his parents walked over with Carlie while he quickly read the letter. They had applied to adopt another child six months ago, but had heard nothing.
“What’s wrong, daddy?” Carlie held out her arms to him and Patrick took her and squeezed her warm little body. She would have to share being the centre of his world now. He believed she was strong enough to do it.
He looked up at Liam, his voice too clogged up to speak.
Liam, knowing him too well, turned to his in-laws and smiled. “I just showed Patrick what we received yesterday. We are getting a little boy in the next few weeks.”
“Congratulations!” All of his family chorused, surrounding him, and kissing his cheeks and Liam’s. Even his dad gave Liam a kiss on the cheek. His dad had come a long way.
“What, daddy?”
Patrick looked down his daughter who was looking at Liam like he had grown another head.
“Daddy and I decided that you have been such a good girl lately that we are getting you a little brother, just like Toby has.”
“Oh, okay,” she shifted to get down and ran off towards her sand pit.
Patrick’s mother laughed. “She is so resilient.”
“Kids always are. So how old is the little boy?” Patrick’s dad joined in and looked over his shoulder at the piece of paper.
Patrick handed it to his dad, so proud of his parents who had done everything in their power to make him feel wanted and loved. They had accepted Liam so well.
“He’s only thirteen months old, so he’ll be a handful.”
Everyone laughed and Milly reached out and squeezed his hand. “A perfect pidgeon pair just like us, Patrick. You really have got everything you ever wanted.”
Patrick looked around at his family home filled with the man he loved, a daughter he adored, and a family who supported him. He knew there would always be hard times, but with all of these people by his side, life would always be wonderful.

If you have any wish to check out my book and see how Patrick and Liam got together, here is the link.

Also, write a comment and I will give three free copies of my m/m/m vampire menage book- 'Bonded Hearts' Due out in June- to the most original comments (so leave your email). I will let you know by the end of the hop :)
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  1. Thank you for taking part in the hop!

  2. Thanks for participating in the hop!


  3. I only watched a few episodes of Queer as Folks and I wish I could have watched more. I wanted to know ho things turned out for Michael but I guess I'll have to settle with looking it up and reading what happened. Thanks so much for taking part in the blog hop and for sharing the epilogue to your story.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  4. Michael married his beautiful professor in Canada, adopted a run away boy- hunter, and had a baby girl with Mel :-) thanks for dropping by xo

  5. I always loved QaF too, though I secretly preferred Nathan from the British series (Charlie Hunnam when he was still dewy and innocent-looking, YOWCH!) to Justin (heresy, I know). I think Emmett ended up being my favorite, after a little overacting the first season...that Jerk At Work plotline was irresistible!


    1. LOL!!! I loved that part of the story! Though i was upset when Emmett missed out on being with Drew :( He was irresistable.

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  7. This was a really interserting post - I'm just stopping by to wish all the participants well - I can't think at the moment to be original so I will end up buying your book.

    1. Lol- that's pretty original! Glad u liked it :-)

  8. I think that you made some really great points in your post. Love is love no matter what what the genders of the people involved are. I have never watched Queer as Folk but I would love to one day. I love M/M just as much as you to. I am a straight woman, so I clearly I am a fan of all loves. however, i fell in love with M/M because I hate the way that so many women are portrayed in literature. They are just so shallow.

    Anyway, I am sorry if that was a bit of a ramble. I would love to be entered in the contest. Thank you for doing the hop!


    1. Not a ramble- i completely understand! thank you for hopping and visiting

  9. Gaaack! Now that I know how the story ended I must find out how they got there. Sneaky sneaky you!

    1. Lol, that doesn't work with everyone. I personally love knowing how something ends so that I am satisfied the story will be what I want- I'm not big on tension.
      Glad you liked it though and thank you for visiting!

  10. Oohh...I love you excerpt. The only thing that I love more than M/M and M/M/M is men with kids. Squee!! Anyway, thanks for the awesome post.

    1. Thank u for the awesome comment. It's always nice to find people after my own heart

  11. Thanks for the hop.

  12. Great post! Thank you for taking part in the hop! Now I need to read your book and see the rest of their story.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

    1. Thanks sherry! And thank u for coming by to visit :-)

  13. Thank you to everyone who came to visit during the hop. The three people i have chosen are Beth, Sophie and 'Vitajex'. I will email you all copies of Bonded Hearts when it releases mid june.
    Thank you again!