Friday, 12 April 2013

Grieving Hearts, excerpt

This my current wip- work in progress.
It's finished, or the second draft is finished but i think it needs more detail, a few more thousand words.
Here's a snippet.

Their daytime rest was the best sleep Lucas could remember ever having in his three hundred years. He woke up rested, happy and hopeful of what their future would be now.
They followed Margaret’s direction and travelled the road out of London. They hid on the boat that went to Scotland but saw no one along the road that even remotely looked like the woman they dreamt of.
When they stopped at the last town before her betrothed castle, they knew they had found her. A sweet scent similar to rose water, drifted up into their senses. It was a smell which could only belong to their fourth and it was thick in the air.
Following their instincts, they entered the small, crowded tavern. The walls were bare wood, the fire crackling and the people in the bar could be heard from the foyer. But what they could all sense was her. Her heat, her presence. Their hearts cried out for her nearness and they groaned as a group. They had found her.
“How are we going to do this?” Piers whispered to him.
Lucas clenched his teeth, a wave of blood lust filling him at the thought of touching Maryanne. If she smelt to them like Piers once had, he would barely be able to control himself.
“We are going to introduce ourselves and hope that she understands.”
Thomas nodded in agreement but Piers looked worried. Lucas paid for a room and strode ahead up the stairs.
Once on the top floor they found Maryanne’s room with no trouble. Her scent drifted out under the door so strongly that all three of them stopped, fangs exposed.
Piers stared at him, awestruck.
“Oh my God! Is that how I smelt to you both?”
Lucas nodded, unable to speak.
He called on his hundreds of years of control to force his fangs back inside. It was not easy as part of him wanted to break open the door and feed on her without her permission. It was illogical and barbaric, but such was the pull of his mate.
“Can you get yours to retract Piers?”
Piers frowned in concentration and shook his head.
“Then perhaps you should wait here?”
Panic crossed Piers face at the idea of being left behind and he closed his eyes. Very slowly his fangs retracted and Lucas smiled in approval at their mate. Not bad for a ten year old vampire.
“Try not to breathe around her if you can.”
Piers merely nodded and Lucas turned to Thomas, his long time lover and mate.
“You are ready?”
Thomas smiled. “I was born for this.”
Lucas felt a bubble of laugher boil up in his belly but pushed it down and knocked on the door in front of him. They had all been born for this.
“Yes?” A woman’s voice called through the door.
“May we speak with a Maryanne Goddington?”
The woman, who they assumed was Maryanne stepped closer to the door.
“Please come back in the morning.”
Considering that request was impossible, Lucas looked at Thomas for guidance. What could they say to make her open the door?
Thomas nodded and took over.
“We have a message from Margaret Tonnington that must be given to you tonight.”
A scraping, a bang and the door was opened.
Fuck, she was even more beautiful than they had dreamed. Spectacular green eyes, full cheeks and perfectly shaped pink lips.
They all bowed for longer than was necessary as they needed the extra time. Even Lucas had to force his fangs to retract once again. He assumed without looking that so did his mate’s.
“May we come in?”
Maryanne looked at them like they were insane. Her hair had been taken down, brushed to glistening health and then tied loosely over her shoulder. She looked so young, fresh and lovely.
“No, give me the message now please.”
Lucas frowned. She sounded wounded, why was that?
“We mean you no harm Maryanne. We only wish to speak with you.”
She huffed and her lips turned down, heralding a turn in her temper. “Yes, you three and every other man who has heard of my ruin. I am not a whore.”
With that confusing statement, she slammed the door in their faces.

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