Saturday, 16 March 2013

work in progress

Have I told you guys that I have started a new vamp story?
And it's m/m/m
Loving it! and want to share.
I can tell you that the sex scenes are not easy to write, but hey...
practise makes perfect

“We told you, we are vampire’s, not witches.”
Eric pressed his thick cock in between Edward buttocks and began a steady thrusting motion while Malcolm rubbed his hard cock against Edward’s.
Pleasure radiated through out his whole body. He could not contain the moan that escaped his lips.
Edward closed his eyes, trying to escape the maelstrom of sensation he was being pulled into.
Never before had his cock felt like it was going to burst from so little contact, his balls throbbed.
Eric began to kiss his neck and whisper to him.
“Come home with us. We can show you so much. Give you more pleasure than you ever dreamed possible.”
Edward shuddered, he shouldn’t. Maybe, no! He couldn’t.
Eric began moving faster behind him and Edward began to pant, his cheeks flushed red.
“I can’t.”
He gasped as Malcolm began undoing his breeches.
“I must suck your cock. Please Edward.”
Edward was completely overwhelmed. The man in front of him was waiting for permission and the one behind him was moving faster and harder, as though he could breech the fabric if he moved fast enough.
Edward nodded and raised his hand to Malcolm’s head to push him down.
Fuck the consequences.
“I want in your arse Edward but I know you’re not ready…” Eric began whispering again as Malcolm’s hot, wet mouth enclosed Edward’s cock.
He cried out, his fingers digging into Malcolm’s skull. To hold him there? To drag him away? Edward couldn’t work out which one he wanted more.
He looked down and saw the beautiful man’s lips wrapped around his cock and felt his balls tighten. He wanted this, he really wanted this.
“He is loving that, can you hear his moans of pleasure?” Eric asked him.
Edward’s mind was too pleasure soaked to take in much, but he listened and heard him. The erotic sound pushed him higher.
“Fuck… Malcolm….”
The man on his knees stopped and looked up, his fangs glistening in the dim light.
Fuck- what? Fangs.
“Oh my God...”
Eric laughed in his ear again.
“We told you we were vampires. One day soon we will feed on you and fuck you. We will blow your mind with how much we can make you feel. Now, cum in Malcolm’s mouth.”
Edward looked down, shocked.
Malcolm nodded.
“I need your seed. Cum in me.”
Malcolm set his mouth back on Edward’s cock and began moving with purpose.
Edward opened his mouth, gasping for much needed air. His orgasm was roaring down on him.
His right hand was gripping Malcolm’s head and his left was clasped tightly by Eric. The three way connection caused fissions of awareness and pleasure throughout his entire body. One more suck of Malcolm’s mouth and the simultaneous squeeze of Eric’s hand and he came, hard.
His seed came shooting out of his cock which was soon swallowed down Malcolm’s throat. Heat pierced his neck and he blacked out….

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