Monday, 11 March 2013


I have officially submitted 'Stranded Domme' to the new Australian e-book publisher
Steam e Reads, so wish me luck!
Another quick excerpt perhaps?

6 months later.
“He’s doing so well Natalie.”
Natalie looked over at the jealous look on Jay’s face and she gave him a gloating smile.
“I know, thank you Jay.”
Natalie sat down in a nearby chair and crossed her leather glad legs.
Mick was bound to the spanking bench and experiencing his first session with another Mistress. Natalie heard him cry out and her own belly clenched with arousal.
It had taken them six months to get to this point of trust and love. She could finally trust him enough to cum with him on a daily basis and she had offered him a permanent collar. He’d offered her an engagement ring. Both had been accepted rather willingly.

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