Thursday, 14 March 2013

new wip

I recently submitted a vampire menage to Total E Bound
Now i have been inspired to do a sequel that is m/m/m- my first attempt at it.
Would you like a little squizz?
It's not east to write three he's- but i'm going to give it a go!

Edward just stared at the two men who trying to convince him they were vampires. One too many glasses of port it seemed.
“Gentlemen, it had been a pleasure meeting you but I need to go. If you need a ride home, let me know and I will arrange something for you.”
The one called Eric was behind him, pressing his cock into Edward’s buttocks. He gasped and attempted to step away.
Eric’s strong arm came around his chest and he gasped as Malcolm stepped in close.
“You may not wish to admit how much you want us, but we can smell you.”
Edward turned his head around and went still. He would never admit to the unnatural feelings. Despite the fact no woman had ever satisfied him.
He could not be a sodomite. He just couldn’t.
“Then you have bewitched me.”
They laughed and pressed in harder.
“We told you, we are vampire’s, not witches.”
Eric pressed his thich cock in between Edward buttocks and began a steady thrusting motion while Malcolm rubbed his hard cock against Edward’s.
Pleasure radiated through out his whole body. He could not contain the moan that escaped his lips.
Edward closed his eyes, trying to escape the maelstrom of sensation he was being pulled into.

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