Tuesday, 19 March 2013

new challenge

Guess what i started last night?
the third of my vampire menage series.
And it will be FMMM
But all the men are bisexual so i have a feeling these sex scenes are not only going to
be a full on orgy but very hard to write
we shall see....

“Does that mean its not my fault? That we can still make this right?”
Lucas stepped close and pressed his lips to Piers.
“It was never your fault my love. There are ledgends of four but I have never met one.”
He looked over at the older vampires.
Eric spoke. “I’ve met one, once, a very long time ago. It was three females and one male. But there is no reason your three doesn’t need another male, or perhaps a female.”
“A female.”
All three of them said at once.
They shared a smile and looked back to explain.
“We still have a female join us occasion and all three of us dream of a female. If we need a third then it is her.”

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