Saturday, 23 March 2013


My new vamp story is sooo much fun
It is pretty much writing itself.
Just wrote my first menage sex scene for MMMF
Want a little excerpt?

Piers groaned and flipped Maryanne over so that she was on her hands and knees.
“Piers?” Her worried voice made Lucas frown.
Piers knelt behind her and stroked his hands down her back and gripped her hips.
“You’ll love it, trust me.”
And he impaled her.
She screamed out and reached up to grab his hand.
“Oh my god.” Piers threw his head back and began fucking her with long, fast strokes. Always the talker of their group he lavished praise on Maryanne as they hadn’t.
“Maryanne you feel like Heaven itself. I could die right now and be happy because we have found you at last.”
Maryanne dropped her chest down to the mattress and clawed at the bed with her other hand.
“You are perfect, beautiful, everything we have ever hoped for. More that we dreamed was possible.”
“Piers… I’m going to…”
Maryanne began to pant and scream.
“Cum for me Maryanne. Let me feel that pussy clench around my cock.”
The erotic words had Thomas tilting his pelvis for Lucas and Lucas had to stop himself from bending his mate over the bed also.
Maryanne stretched both of her hand out in front of her in a gesture they had seen too often on Piers, looking for them.
They moved to the bed.

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