Sunday, 24 March 2013

MMMF excerpt

This story is coming together really easily and well
Loving it- thinking of calling it Grieving Hearts
which will follow, Eternal Hearts and Bonded Hearts- we shall see :)

Hugh’s hand cracked across her cheek with a force that split her lips.
She tasted blood and smiled. Her vampire’s would kill him for this.
Seeing her smile, Hugh growled and hit her again. This time so hard that she was thrown to the floor.
Despite her anger, Maryanne didn’t attempt to get up. She kept her head down and sobbed so that he would think he had really hurt her.
Hugh left and locked the door behind him.
Maryanne pulled herself to her feet and cupped her jaw. That was going to swell.
The sun was going down. A few more hours was all she had to wait. They would come. She just had to survive until then.

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